Karl August Karlsson (1860-1932)

Karl August Karlsson was born 7 May 1860 to Carl Frederik Andersson and Anna Lovisa Jansdotter. Records show he was born in Lerback in the Narke province of county Orebro in south-central Sweden.

Lerback Church, Narke, Sweden circa 1930 from Swedish National Heritage Board.

Karl married Hilda Carolina Illman who already had a son, Gus. Karl and Hilda would have nine children together: Tekla, Signe, Gertrude, Albin, Ture, Hilda, Rose and Fritz.

“Karl August Karlsson (American spelling Carlson) worked as a shovel sharpener in a blacksmith shop for 20 years until the shop burned down. Then he went to work at Motala Verkstad (like a department store) melting lead into bars, as he was a big strong man. He was paid approximately $75.00 a month. At this writing Motala Verkstad is still open and doing business. He was born in Nerke, Sweden.” -Rose Carlson Nystrom about her father, as told to her daughter 22 Apr 1982.

From the photo album of Rose Carlson Nystrom, daughter of Karl August Karlsson.


Backside of above photo. “My dad in hospital listen to radio Motala” is the handwriting of Rose Carlson Nystrom. “Took his leg off” is the handwriting of Joann Nystrom Money.










According to his son, Albin Carlson,

“Father Karlsson was a fine man in every respect. He had more patience than any man I ever met. Very popular with all kinds of friends.”


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