Hilda Ingrid Carlson (1897-1955)

Hilda was the daughter of Karl and Hilda Illman Karlsson. Though she was older than Rose by almost four years, she was the fourth and last sibling to immigrate to the United States. Signe came first, followed by Albin and Rose. Hilda was 23 when she arrived in 1920 in less than auspicious circumstances.

“Guy was supposed to come to this country next, but was drafted into the service, Hilda came in his place, 2 years after Rose. Hilda was $50.00 short of the fare and had to stay on Wilson’s [sic] Island until the $50.00 was received. She was there for 3 months, the officials wrote Oscar Bolin and said if they didn’t receive the $50.00, they were going to send Hilda back to Sweden. The money was sent and Hilda, the only Swedish person on the island with no-one to talk to continued on. She got on the train and didn’t understand the conductor when he said Oakland. She continued on to Sioux City, unable to speak English, wandered around for some time until someone helped her get back to Oakland.”-Recollections of Rose Carlson Nystrom as written by her daughter 22 Apr 1982.



“Hilda had a son, name unknown, last known living in Chicago, believed to be an Attorney. It was unknown to family members that Hilda had a son, until he appeared at Hilda’s funeral.”-Recollections of Rose Carlson Nystrom as written by her daughter 22 Apr 1982.

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