Hilda or Signe?

From the photo album of Rose Carlson Nystrom.

Initially when I was going through my grandma’s photo album, I had no idea who this woman was and was sadly resigned to the fact that I would never find out. No name on the back and no name written underneath it in the album. Coming back to it later, though, I noticed the family resemblance. It looks a lot like my grandmother, Rose Carlson Nystrom. And having seen a photo of Hilda, her sister, when she was older, I can see how it might be her — long face, upswept hair. I can equally imagine it being her sister, Signe, for the same reasons. I’m quite sure now that it’s one of Rose’s sisters, but which one? The date on the back says the film was processed the week of July 2, 1955. Signe died in 1954 and Hilda in 1955 so maybe it’s safe to say it’s Hilda.

From the photo album of Rose Carlson Nystrom.

However, Hilda was single. So who is this little boy and younger woman in the second photo obviously taken on the same day? Friends of Hilda? Relatives of Rose? Maybe it’s Signe and the date on the back just means that the film wasn’t developed right away. Are these Signe’s relatives? Did they drive Signe to visit Rose? Does anyone recognize these people? Where are the photos taken? Ideas anyone?

Date stamp on the back of the photos.

Perhaps equally intriguing is how infrequently the siblings met. My uncle didn’t even know he had an aunt (Hilda) living close by in Omaha. When my grandmother visited her brother, Albin, in Magnet, Nebraska in the 1970s, they hadn’t seen each other in 25 years. I think that’s why these two photos interest me so much — evidence that the siblings finally met again, or at least corresponded.

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